Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Way We Play - Erotic Spanking Vignettes by N. Abby Williams

The "N" is for Naughty!

Everybody, I did it! For ages I've been meaning to put together a collection of some of my favorite blog posts and release a collection that captures both the sexiness and the love that Mr. W and I put into our relationship and TTWD.

I've released it on Amazon for $1.49 as the first title from my very own spanking publishing house, TLRS Press. You can expect new never-before-read works from me soon. Someday, I hope to be publishing you as well!

These are the 12 posts included in The Way We Play, with links to the original posts. Take a free preview or read them all. If you choose to buy the collection on Amazon, I truly appreciate your patronage. Your support means more spanking goodness to come!

Caught Wet Handed (sorry, can't find the original link)


  1. Congratulations, Abby. You have lots of superb, sexy material on the blog and no doubt plenty more yet to be penned. I foresee a strong following for TLRS Press once the word gets out.

  2. Bonnie, thank you so much! And thank you for your continued support through the years, you have encouraged me since way-back-when. We're finally just running with it and seeing where it takes us, lots of projects in the works. It's so exciting!

  3. Purchased and thanks for your blog

  4. I have a serious fetish for being spanked by a strict Dom

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