Sunday, January 1, 2023

Tarot Tarts #1: Serpieri Tarot

All artwork pictured in this post is from The Serpieri Tarot, copyright Lo Scarabeo

Happy New Year! December was a far more challenging month than anticipated. I meant to start blogging here again and I just wasn’t able to make it happen.

I’m excited to be starting the new year with a post featuring some of my favorite cards from my new Serpieri Tarot deck, published by Lo Scarabeo earlier this year. I have a growing collection of tarot and divination decks, some for personal use and some for the art. A small but growing number of these fall into the erotic category, and my Serpieri deck is no exception. 

This deck features artwork by and inspired by Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri, a graphic artist whose work often prominently displays the female bottom in glorious rounded and muscled form. I have long been a fan of his work and his erotic science fiction graphic novel series featuring the beloved buxom heroine Druuna, who appears throughout the deck as well. 

In my exploration of the deck, I found that many of the cards are in keeping with the Rider-Waite imagery that is most commonly used throughout the tarot world. Decks built from a pre-existing source often include artwork that is not in keeping with traditional imagery or card meaning, so when I found that the images and card meanings were in alignment, I realized that the artwork had been designed specifically for the deck. This is supported in the small manual included with the deck, in which Italian tarot deck publisher Lo Scarabeo explains, “In our interpretation, we took a step away from the original lore of the comics, and imbued the artwork with their own, standalone meanings - ones that fit with the Tarot cards they represent.” 

Here are some of my favorite cards from this deck. Picking my favorites was fun and sexy, so I’ll aim to do this with my other erotic decks as well!

I snuck a male butt in for fun.

Shopping Tip: The tarot world is experiencing a huge increase in forgeries and fakes. Only purchase decks from reputable sources. This deck is available from (I am in no way affiliated, I just love collecting tarot decks and Llewellyn has been a great source for decks and books for as long as I can remember.)