Monday, December 4, 2017

Alicia 006 - An Experiment in Turning Porn into Literature

I started work on new fiction! I haven't worked on fiction in quite a while, so I'm excited to have new characters and relationships to explore. Not to mention, more spankings to describe in detail.

The new story started as a writing exercise. Short on ideas, I thought I'd try turning a spanking video into a short story. That way, I wouldn't have to come up with a plot or characters. I could just describe something dirty. I even decided to tag it #porn2lit and make it a feature here on the blog.

However, I quickly got off track when I decided to use the Lupus/RGE film "Uncle." It just recently came back into my rotation and was stuck in my head. If you're familiar with it, you'll know it's from their "Dream" series and isn't heavy on plot - or English. So, left to my own plot devices, I began describing the scene and the characters soon took on a life of their own.

Since I haven't posted in a few weeks, I thought I'd share a snippet. To set the scene, the story is being told by a male. I've never written from the male point of view and I'm curious to see where it takes me. He is about to spank a woman who has shown up in his office with a list of misdeeds, but we don't know what they are. As he tells her how hard he's going to spank her, she wets herself a little in fear. This "accident" is from the video, as is the rolling of the shirt cuff that follows. The narrator's secret thoughts and desires are my own doing, as is the dialogue and relationship of the characters.

A snippet from "Alicia 006"

“Uncle, Please,” she whispered.

“Fine. Go clean up. Come back without the panties and return to your position.”

While she was gone, I sat back down at my desk so she wouldn’t see my hard cock trying to escape my trousers. She wasn’t really my niece, of course. Some might call her my patient, though the form of counseling I provided was not sanctioned by any health association, medical, mental, or otherwise. In my record-books, she was client number 006. In my fantasies, oh, she was something else entirely.

When she came back, she nodded in my direction, lifted her dress again, and bent back over the bench, hands clutching each side so tightly that her knuckles matched her white socks and shoes. I walked to her slowly then picked up the paddle from where it still lay on the bench. Tapping my palm with the paddle, I began the lecture I knew she needed.

“You are a grown woman, Alicia. You are strong. You are in control of your own destiny. Why are you bent over half naked in my office, then? Hmm?” When she didn’t answer, I had an idea.

“Roll up my sleeve, so that I can spank you more soundly,” I commanded. “Yes, stand up. Roll my sleeve up, all the way above the elbow.” She followed my instructions, hands trembling. I tried not to meet her eyes as she did so. “That’s right. Prepare the arm that beats you,” I told her, my voice steadier than my heart felt. With her shaking hands, her fingers were like little electric birds fluttering against my skin. I could barely contain myself and was relieved when she bent back down and I could stand behind her, my erection hidden, albeit that much closer to its desired destination.

More to come, I hope!