Tuesday, May 21, 2019

New at the Smutshop - Two First Edition Spanking Novels from Blue Moon and Venus Library


Schoolhouse Readers! I know I owe you many delicious posts featuring my spanking vignettes and ass-centric adventures.

In the meanwhile, check out the newest vintage adult books at The Naughty Abbey, both first edition first printing collectible novels featuring spanking and flagellation.

Sample pages from The Blue Train

Sample pages from Our Fair Flagellants (Volume Two)

Let's get busy... reading!


Saturday, May 4, 2019

Abby's Vintage Smutshop and Google Ate My Baby

Hello my fellow kinky folks!

Check this out: I have a vintage pornographic bookstore! 

Back when Mr. W and I first met working at Barnes & Noble in Southern California, we discovered that we both enjoyed books by "Anonymous," mainly those delightful Grove Press and Blue Moon books published in the 1980's and 90's. One night, in retrospect one of our first dates, we went out driving around Los Angeles, hunting for the last remaining adult bookshops still selling actual adult books. Even in 2003, those titles were becoming hard to come by, and we only found them in one shop. More importantly, we found each other - in our stories as we drove from place to place, in our shared delight in the same pornography, the same kink! It was the night I knew he and I were opposite sides of the same book jacket and that we had a lifetime of literary projects ahead of us.

This past January, we decided to buy a large lot of adult books in order to start our own adult bookshop. All the titles are vintage, currently the online selection runs from the late 1960's through the late 1990's. We opened on Etsy for ease of use, and we are off and running! We've been working on bringing in more titles since then, and I have a lot of back stock to set up.

Of course we have spanking titles! A good bit of  Grove Press and some Blue Moon, and I know I have more in back stock, including at least one Richard Manton. I am also enjoying getting to know the smorgasbord of kinks in some of the publishers I hadn't explored before now. Beeline Books are chock full of absolute nonsensical and delightful sex scenes ranging from masturbation to ... you name it. We have more taboo content than I was expecting, but it turns out it was extremely common! So yes! We have some pretty naughty stuff.

My book listings feature informational tidbits and my own descriptions. While I haven't all of the titles (though I do own some of them in duplicate), I am enjoying a light review process in order to provide kinky keywords, key plot elements, or observations about book elements I find particularly sexy or entertaining. This is also why it takes me so long to set up additional titles! But I love really SHARING these books with the world.

Shameless marketing: Free shipping in the US! And everything ships in discrete plain packaging from our LLC. Come check out my little bookshop, I am so gosh darn excited about it!

AND to add to the excitement, Mr. W has been making wood and leather spanking toys. I'm going to start listing some of the wood paddles in my shop as well. I'll let you know when those are up!

On where my blog went recently:

I discovered yesterday that Google had disabled my account and everything attached to it - including this blog! I didn't take it down. I just hadn't logged in, due to being super busy with life, work, and - powerlifting! I am a stronger, better, even sexier Abby. I finally feel good in my own skin. Anyhow, upon learning of Google's spaz, I fixed the issue and here I am. Sorry gang!