Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Liver, Liver, Chinese Dinner

There are three C's that make up my favorite romantic night: caning, Chinese food, and cuddles.

Some would say that punishment is it's own reward, but the very mention that there will be Chinese takeout after discipline serves as foreplay for me. I'll take an extra dozen strokes for an extra egg roll.

Instituted in 2005 in the early days of our relationship, I'll admit, I think these nights were originally bribes to get me to enjoy caning more, and that's okay because I sure did come to love it! But they're fewer and farther between now. We save such triple-C nights as a treat for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations. So when suddenly it turned out I might have to give them up entirely, it felt like being told there were no more roses for Valentine's day, no more stockings for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love taking a good caning, but I love taking it followed by a Chinese feast and a fun movie at home while cuddling with Mr. W so much more.

I went to the doctor because I've been feeling more and more worn out the last few months. I thought it might be my depression rearing it's head, but I also wanted to have my thyroid checked, along with whatever else the doctor thought might be wise. I went to a new primary care provider as I hated my last one, so they had no medical history on me. Fortunately, they agreed with running some blood tests, and two days later I had my first news: my liver enzymes were elevated, they wanted to take more blood and do an ultrasound on my abdomen.

This was terrifying news. I quit drinking 3 years 3 months ago. I've lost almost 100 lbs. I am Wonder Woman. But here it was, the damage was already done. In my dramatic assessment, I had briefly become invincible, but now I was probably going to die. Worse, first I was going to lose all my lower internal organs, I wouldn't be able to be spanked, I wouldn't be able to have sex or do butt stuff. I would be worse than dead.

The ultrasound was no help to my assumption. The results from that were that I had high echoes in my liver and a lesion on my kidney. I'll save you the agony that took over a week for me to learn - my kidneys are fine, there are no lesions or tumors. Like seeing a little penis on a baby in an ultrasound and then giving birth to a girl, there was nothing actually there to be seen. But high echoes in my liver! Hello - hello - - hello - - -

I have fatty liver. Of all the unattractive disease names! Now I'm seeing a gastroenterologist and I have a test this coming Friday to find out how much of my liver is functioning. While the liver has an incredible ability to repair itself, and I may have already done a lot of internal repair by becoming a weight-lifting gym-loving goddess, what's dead is dead and if any of my liver is dead, it isn't coming back.

Now, what I should have done is wait to write this until I have the final verdict. But I thought maybe I would blog more sexy spanking and bum stuff if sometimes I just blog stuff about me, so here we are, trying to explain what Chinese food caning night has to do with my fatty liver.

Well, it turns out I shouldn't eat most food. My liver is having trouble filtering out the nasties like fat, salt, and white flour and sugar, so the nutrients and energy my body needs aren't getting distributed via my bloodstream as well as they could be. Sure enough, a week and two days into this diagnosis and having trimmed my diet to mostly green vegetables, fish, and a little yogurt, my energy is significantly improved, my sleep is better, and I'm not crying all the time. I've cut my protein intake in half and it's incredible. It turns out I have more energy from 10g of protein than from 20g, which makes me realize my body wasn't actually processing all the protein I was giving it.

I'm hoping that the results of my next test will tell me that most of my liver is just fine, that I can still have a treat meal now and again. If so, maybe I will be so lucky as to enjoy the 3 C's for Christmas! I'm hoping that we don't have to add a 4th C: cirrhosis. But if we do, I am already well on my way to understanding what I need to do for my body to feel better.

Do you have a favorite food after a spanking? Or a medical concern that makes you worry that someday you will not be able to partake in this thing we do? You are not alone!

I thought I could make the whole thing fun with a little naked tush accountability, so while I am on a focused path to losing more weight and being the healthiest me I can be, I am going to try to share a weekly pic. I love my butt the way it is now! It's curvy and jiggly and so much fun. But a shapelier butt is going to mean a hella sexy liver, so I need to do this.

Abby Williams, trying to make fatty liver sexy since December 2019.

I went to the doctor and all I got was this peachy butt sticker and fatty liver disease!