Monday, December 9, 2013


After writing this post, I added the piece of kindling to the drawer

On our way out of farm country, Christmas tree on board, we noticed a picturesque barn gleaming in the winter sunlight, bearing a fresh coat of white paint. "Poor unspanked barn," commented Mr. W.

Knowing he wasn't just referencing its difference from the more common red barns that speckle the hills and valleys of Oregon countryside, I replied, "It's as white as my poor unspanked bottom."

"And whose fault is that, young lady?" he teased.

"Yours! My bottom doesn't spank itself, you know," I reminded him. But the truth is, we haven't been able to play these past few months, and it is because of me. I haven't been well and the last thing my body or my mind needed was the experience of the play we so adore and that I love to share here with the world. I've only recently begun to feel like myself, and now that we were flirting about spanking again, I was eager to show him that I was ready.

Instead, we got home and I was ready to decorate the tree. He built a fire in the hearth and I found Christmas music to listen to, and together we draped the lights and hung the ornaments. Each time he passed behind me, he smacked my bottom. Even through my jeans it stung, as if I'd never been whacked on the bottom before. "Ouch!" I'd cry out with each swat, in my heart wanting to bend over and beg for more but the instinct not coming to fruition.

I'd been insisting all day that once the tree was decorated and glowing, we'd settle in with a movie, either National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (his favorite) or Eloise at Christmastime (just one of my many ridiculous holiday viewing necessities). Now, with the fire glowing and my bottom surely glowing at least a little along with it, I wasn't so sure it was movie time. "Do you want to put on a movie? Or..." I hesitated. "Should we move everyone but us into the bedroom?" Everyone, in this case, being the cats and the dog.

"Let's do that," he agreed. I meant to grab a cane from the bedroom after rounding up the pets. I meant to grab a paddle or a strap from my nightstand drawer. Unintentionally, my excitement getting the better of me, I came back empty handed.

He unbuckled his belt and I shivered, but we weren't there yet. We kissed, we undressed, we spread a blanket on the floor before the fire. I'm sure it's to no one's surprise that my favorite position is on my knees, being taken from behind, but he laid me down face up, kissing me, looking into my eyes, the Christmas lights gleaming behind him just as he was presented with the fire gleaming behind me. Surrounded by these warm lights in an otherwise darkened room, he pressed into me slowly and perfectly, my hips tilting up to meet the heat of his body while my head tilted back towards the heat of the flames.

I wanted so much to please him that I began to apologize. "I meant to give you my bottom to cane, or to, I'm sorry, whatever you wanted." He stroked my hair and kissed me, then knelt back. "Turn over," he said.

I did, kneeling and pushing my bottom towards him, my forearms on the floor and my head resting on the backs of my hands. The fire was making my face flush and I was already panting a little as he slid inside me again, thrusting deeper and harder than before. Then without warning, he stopped. He reached towards the packet of kindling and drew out a piece of wood that could have passed as a paddle if it had the right handle and price tag, so the buyer would know it wasn't just a piece of wood.

As I write this, I think we must be overpaying for kindling, because the wood was cut so smoothly that there were no rough edges, almost as if the top and bottom had been sanded. The makeshift paddle was light, just over a quarter of an inch thick, about fourteen inches in length. One end was tapered slightly from the other, creating an innate handle. The edges were smooth and without splinters. The sting was exquisite.

I have had moments over the past few months when I've been up for taking all of three cane strokes, or a little bite of leather. This was the first time in such a long while that the first blow landed and the whole of my body, heart, soul, and mind cried for more.

I didn't want to say anything, other than to cry out, afraid my voice would ruin the spell. He and the kindling took their turns with me, a few strokes of the paddle across my bottom, a few strokes of his body inside my own. "Three more," he'd say, striking quickly then thrusting back into me, my body rocking back and forth and no longer aware of whether I was shifting back towards the inevitable orgasm or forward and away from the inevitable sting of the paddle. Then it would be more three more again, and again, building until finally I was burning not from the fire or the paddling but from the very feeling of being myself again, knowing that if I had my way, both the sex and the spanking would continue on, harder, harder, and harder, until I was no more than punished, worn-out flesh, happy and fulfilled.

When we were both about to come, he pulled out and gave me a few lightning quick and bright strokes of the paddle across the tops of my thighs. I bit into my wrist, stifling my cry but the sound escaping my lips anyway. That whimpered squeal, high and long, agonizing and begging, was too much for us both, and as our hips locked once again we were coming together, already looking forward to next time, already knowing that next time, I would be ready for so much more.


  1. Fantastic writing, as usual. Glad that you are feeling better!

    Also, now I will never look at kindling the same way again :)

    1. Ha! It's always nice to get a little bit turned on by every day objects. ;-) Makes the humdrum special, albeit distracting! We can't even get through Ikea without giggling, there are just so many objects that could lend themselves to spanking.

  2. Glad you are feeling better and you and hubby are enjoying each other. Happy Holidays.

  3. Great post, Abby. Welcome back! I'm glad you're feeling more like yourself.


    1. *hugs* Thanks Bonnie! It's good to be back. Again. These hiatuses of mine! Oh well, I'm just happy to know I'm always welcomed back and that spanking hasn't gone out of vogue in my absence. As if!

  4. Abby, that was a treasure to read - what a lovely way to decorate (your flesh).

    xx Dee

    1. Aww, thanks Dee! I just saw your comment this morning and it gave me a kick to think about what I will write/post next. I have some ideas, but tonight is a blanket cuddling night. Maybe tomorrow the creative juices will flow into something more tangible. I hope! xo


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