Monday, June 24, 2019

Hot Pink Pearl - Week of 6/24 at The Naughty Abbey

Bruising from just a few whacks of a small walnut OTK paddle made by Mr. W.
Get one like it at The Naughty Abbey

Hi! I know I promised the Auntie Abby paddles would be ready last week, but I redesigned the hanging strap for them this weekend so now there will be leather and non-leather options. We also designed a thicker version for an Auntie and Uncle paddle set! Still trying to figure out product photos, it turns out I am a terrible photographer, lol!

Updates from the Abbey

Crowd-Pleasing Kink - 10% off
Last Week's Most Visited Titles (Sale Dates 6/24 - 6/30)

First Place: Sleep Around Sis
Second Place: Young Bride's Weakness - SOLD
Third Place:  Sex Swap Camp

New Listings

A Must-Own for Spankophiles!
Ballantine Books, 1987

Signet Classic Edition, 1996

Girl-Girl Games by Rex Weldon
Carlyle Communications, A Beeline Book, 1976

The Boy Who Blossomed by Sandy Thomas
A Sandy Thomas Publication, 1993
20% off for Pride Month

Monday, June 17, 2019

Updates from The Naughty Abbey

So much going on at The Naughty Abbey, my vintage erotica and hand-crafted spanking toy shop!

Little Red Woodshop Sneak Peak

Mr. W has opened a spanking toy shop. I'm learning product photography so I can feature his beautiful pieces on Etsy.  As an introductory promo, check out these OTK paddles - in need of better photos but the paddles are incredible! So many more pieces on the way. 

These over-the-knee hardwood paddles are 10" long with a 4.5" round flat spanking surface. Each paddle is approximately 7/8" thick for a deep thuddy smack. 

Knotty Alder Over the Knee Spanking Paddle - $30 with FREE US shipping
Walnut OTK Over the Knee Spanking Paddle - $35 with FREE US shipping

Just a few titles left!!!

Crowd Pleasing Kink - 10% Off Last Week's Most Visited Titles (Sale Through 6/23)

Last Week's Top Three
Honorable Mention: Our Fair Flagellants Volume 2 - SOLD

Coming This Week

More titles for our Pride sale, a few Victorian erotica reprints (including a fantastic hot pink edition of The Pearl), and unique vintage gift ideas. Plus more paddles by Mr. W!!!

The Aunty Abby - Coming this week!!!