Saturday, January 12, 2019

@AbbyW2007 & Saturday Whiplist

I'm finally on Twitter again! I need to fill up my Twitter feed with spankos in case Armageddon comes, so we can join together and rebuild the world . Can you help?

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As we continue to take pics of our playtime, I'll have bonus photos to post to Twitter, plus some additional fun content when I don't have time for full posts. Plus it's perfect for showing off little finds when we go out spank-tiquing (when we look for pervertibles at antique stores) or smut hunting. I just got the account going again this week, I am fully open to follows and following.

Here's some other stuff going on this weekend. We're calling this the #Whiplist going forward, for any spanking related to-do's! Make your own!

I want to do Brigit Delaney's Erotic Journal Challenge. I discovered it on Twitter and am thrilled that there is something like this going on. I have a terrible head cold, so if I don't make it this week, next week for sure. The challenge this week is: When did you discover your own sexuality? For example, when was the first time you masturbated or realized you could feel physical sexual pleasure? When did you first feel sexual desire? How did you address it?

Mr. W found one lot of 94 vintage erotica paperbacks listed on Craigslist locally and went to pick them up yesterday. Because of my cold, we still haven't gone through them, but I peeked. Hot damn. This one, How to Make a Mini by Don Tattersall, from Continental Classics circa 1968, features quite the set of rules for the students of Institution Ariel: 

"According to the manager's wish, each pupil must have a permanent A to satisfy the master. If she only makes a B, even if she only misses by one or half a point, she has to receive a hand spanking in front of all her classmates. If she makes a C, she is whipped with a cat o'nine tails, under that she receives a poisoned ivy whipping on the cunt or the ass hole. If she has a 6, she will be whipped on the sex, and shall receive an enema of two pints with a normal size nozzle." The rules get more severe from there, including quite a bit of anal punishment along with much spanking. The rest of the book describes the students failing at their grades and getting their ass-centric comeuppance. It is surprisingly dirty in the best way.

Plus I still want to do a write-up of both our Tuesday and Wednesday nights! Here's another shot from Wednesday, shows a little more of that rosy glow, although we do need to look at lighting for future shoots. This is one of the first pics Mr. W took that night so my rear end is still flushed with pain and excitement.

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  1. Sorry all that head cold got me after all... finally feeling human again but behind on the writing. Abby and her excuses, I know, I know. Mr. W is helping set it right and is setting up a great new work station for me. We had a house flood and lost a ton of furniture, it's taken me a few months to even be able to say "ok I'm ready for a desk." Getting the 2nd monitor set up today, once I'm feeling up to it we will be good to go!


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