Monday, March 23, 2020

#FreePaddleFriday - Poplar Hairbrush Giveaway Starting Today

 Go to Mr. W's Twitter Profile

As promised, I want to include the blogosphere in our #freepaddlefriday promos. You will need a Twitter account. Go to Mr. W's Twitter profile @MrWilliamsTLRW and follow him (because he is amazing) then retweet the above tweet to enter. Winners are announced on Friday night. We ship by USPS so we CAN ship to PO Boxes. We always ship discretely from our LLC. 

Here's the tweet if the pic is hard to read on your device:

New week new #freepaddlefriday! Retweet to enter to win this Poplar Hairbrush paddle. Good Luck! Winner announced Friday. In the meantime, come see the rest of our brat beating bottom burners at Happy Spanking! #otk #spanking #paddled #domesticdiscipline

If you do follow us on Twitter, say hello and let us know you're from over here! You can find me at @AbbyW2007. Mr. W and I have found a lovely group of spankos, along with the usual insane outliers you'd expect. We'd be happy to have you! You really can tailor your Twitter experience. I almost never see anything political. I see a lot a lot a lot of butts.

I am looking forward to writing and posting new spanking vignettes and short spanking stories here soon. I am still a bit desperate for time. I work for a small independently owned business and we are scrambling to get our technology in place and our work from home stations set up. The Coronavirus has also caused an uptick in our business (which is a positive, absolutely) but my brain is cooked by the end of the day.

Please do stay tuned, as I think having this blog as a creative outlet is going to be an important part of my sanity once my home office is ready and I stop leaving the house (except to drop packages at the post office for as long as they will let us, Arizona isn't closed yet). This may be our last #freepaddlefriday for a while because of all this, so get in while you can!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Sinful Sundays, Mondays, and So Forth

Sometimes I post #sinfulsunday pics on my Twitter. I didn't post one today, I did a naughty survey - more on that in just a moment - but since I should have been posting them on my blog all along, I thought I'd start getting my blog friends caught up. Here's a candid shot of my tush playing dress-up in my Moulin Rouge panties last month.

I spent too much time today playing with my new Photoshop Express app, but it's letting me make the neatest product photos for our paddles. I love graphic design but my skill level is amateur. This sounds like a product plug, but it's only a plug for our paddles! I'm just having fun with this app and if you have suddenly found yourself with some free time on your hands, it's a good one. I have also been known to add fun filters to pictures of my own butt. Again with the Twitter, but I posted this one just after getting the app a couple weeks ago. Many of you will be seeing this tomorrow morning, so these sentiments are for you!

You may recognize that photo of my butt from the pics I posted yesterday. That brings us back around to the Joker paddle. Mr. W crafts these so beautifully for Little Red Spanking. They're thin, but the two woods we offer this paddle in - Knotty Alder and Walnut - are heavy enough that the weight and density of the wood balances the depth. The smacks are bright and the burn is warm. Just the right length for OTK or any position you so desire.

I'm so proud of the work Mr. W is doing! And I'm pretty proud of these little product promos too!

We run a #freepaddlefriday promo whenever we can. In this time of crisis and homebound spankos, we are considering it more important than ever to get quality handmade implements into the hands of our fellow kinksters. Get yourself a Twitter account if you don't already have one, follow @MrWilliamsTLRW, and retweet his #freepaddlefriday post for the week once it's live. He'll start a new one tomorrow, I'll post it here to remind you and let you know what we'll be giving away.

xoxo Abby

Saturday, March 21, 2020

5 Updates Regarding Abby, With Spanked Bare Bottom Pics Because I've Missed You

Dear Spanko Blogosphere,

I have been remiss in paying you the attention you deserve. Perhaps now I will finally have the time at home I've needed. It only took the end of the world, but I have so much to tell you!

But first, let's just post something!

Here are 5 Updates Regarding Abby:

1. opened in January. Mr. Williams is in the workshop filling custom orders as I type this. We did it, the paddle shop is real!

2. Mr. W and I are both healthy and are occupying ourselves with spanking each other and doing spanking-related activities, such as paddle making and getting back to blogging. :-)

3.  I have become so strong in the last year! When I was training hard, I maxed my barbell deadlift at 230 lbs and my squat at 165 lbs. My tush is powerful!

4. We have amassed an absurd amount of erotica, smut, and sexuality books for our personal collection in the last year. I expect to feature interesting titles here in the future!

5. The vintage bookstore I opened on Etsy a year ago, Little Red Bookshop, has been a source of joy and mental health. I love finding and listing unusual and sometimes ridiculous titles. Right now I have everything from a signed hardcover first edition of Douglas Adams' The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul to the movie tie-in novelization of Armageddon. Mr. W hoards the sexy books, but I manage to feature them on the shop from time to time. Click here to go right to the Erotica, Sex, and XXX shelf. 

The paddle at the top is our Joker paddle in Walnut. Mr. W made one for me in Knotty Alder and used it my birthday weekend. It was an absolute delight with bright red results!