Saturday, February 2, 2008

30 strokes... and then again... and then again...

Well, wish me luck! It's my 30th birthday today and I've been promised 30 strokes every time I turn around! I'm sorry I've been away--I've had a terrible cold. Now that I'm better my bottom is primed for whatever comes its way. We're heading out to antique shops soon to go implement hunting, so I should have new stories soon! I've missed the blogosphere, not to mention the spanking! Even with being sick we've already managed to add a Victorian wooden clothes brush with a long wooden back and a swishy carpet beater to the collection. I've spent a good portion of the morning yelping, and now I'm being summoned back for more...


  1. Hey Abby, today is my birthday, too!

    Have fun,

  2. Happy Birthday, Abby! Glad you're feeling well enough to blog again.

  3. The thing is, when you are sick you just don't feel good.


    I think my belt buckle is that old.

    HBD Abby.

  4. Hi Abby,

    Happy Spanksday, I mean, errm, B-Day. Definitely keep us posted on your 'implement shopping' excursions.

    Keep up the awesome blogging,

  5. Happy Birthday, Cydni! Sorry I'm a bit late. Hope you had a wonderful wonderful birthday weekend!

    Indiana--Thanks! That bug was just ridiculous. It is so good to feel human again.

    Thank you Rap! On the up side, I bet that belt and buckle have seen some mighty good times. I hope so, at least!

    Dave--It snowed and we couldn't go implement shopping! New plan is to go today. I'll keep y'all posted on what we find. And seriously, Spanksday indeed! I'm not sure my birthday has even ended yet!

    xoxo to all,


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