Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Piece of Me

Preview of Introducing Abby

Here is a short sample of what happens in that first film we posted on Naughty Abby. I have to admit, I can think of nothing but making more of these right now. This is my first time uploading video to the blog, so I hope it works, but most of all, I hope you like it.

These past few days have been some of the strangest of my life. There have been quite a few times that I have felt like I have been wearing too many hats. Trying to get through the work day then come home, help design the shoot, provide input on camera angle, be punished (more harshly than usual--there is a post to come on the strapping I received last night), then approve the edit and get it posted both here and on the new site... there are moments when I'm no longer even sure what my name is, my job is, who I really am in all of this. Then I watch the videos we've made, and I see myself in a way I've always longed to see. Suddenly I think I'm beautiful and made just for this thing we do. My bottom is soft and round and just begging to be beaten. This is me. And I can finally say that quite literally. Just push play. This is me.


  1. Abby
    You are absolutely precious and I am quickly becoming a fan. Looks like you're about to do some really good work here. I wish you all the good fortune your beautiful bottom can handle. As soon as my house is in order, I will be checking out your videos.

    Vincent the Spanklover

  2. Abby, thanks for your email and the chance to have a look at the amazing work you're doing (and gods, I got so wet watching!).

    xx Dee

  3. Vincent--I'm so happy you found my blog. I hope you continue to like what you've found. :-)

    Dee--Thatta girl! That is why I love you. *hugs*


  4. Lovely bottom you have Abby Elizabeth x

  5. Elizabeth, I have been wonderfully distracted all day because of your comment. The Miss Simpson commented on my blog! Truly, thank you so so much.



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