Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Longest Equation Ever?

Somebody found my site with the keyword search "longest equation ever." I know this blog was not what they were looking for, but can you imagine if it was? Knowing my famous inability to count, the phrase "longest equation ever" in a spanking context is just about one of the most frightening things I can imagine. Sometimes just counting to twelve is the longest equation ever. I can't imagine having to do actual math during a punishment, nevermind algebra or trig or calculus, or the quantum physics of a disciplinary equation. Just yesterday I was the recipient of six of the best on my lunch break, but as I didn't have to count, I barely knew if we had reached six when we had reached six. (The marks left afterwards indicated we had!)

That said, I haven't had time to write this week due the actual practicing of said subject (spanking, not math). Hurray! Lots of ideas and things come up in the future. I'm starting work on a book--possibly a novel, possibly a collection of stories--and I know I'd love to have everyone reading this be a part of that, whether it's by commenting with suggestions or just letting me know if it's interesting enough. My husband and I have also been discussing a project of a more... um... visual nature. I will certainly keep you all in the loop on that!
Hope to write more on the weekend...


  1. lol...THAT is wikid bizah.

    I had a similar incident the other day with my keywords, sadly I forgot the word, but it had not a thing to do with spanking. Web's a weird place sometimes.


  2. I am something like the butcher who got a little behind in his work when accidentally backed into the meat grinder.

    I haven't had as much time as I like to catch up on reading my favorite blogs, LRSH being at the top of the list.

    I've never been in the loop really. I was watching this television program the other day. I was about these people who took a three hour tour in a little boat and ended up stranded on an uninhabited desert island.

    There was a millionaire couple, a movie star, a professor, and a really cute girl next door type.

    It was okay to watch but I think it was all made up. I didn't buy the premis for one minute.

    How could all those people fit in that little boat?


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