Friday, June 27, 2008

Tale or Tail?

A page from Serpieri's Obssession. View more here.

Serpieri's graphic novel series Morbus Gravis kept a place of pride on my bookshelf for six years before I read them all. If you've seen them, or any image of Serpieri's heroine Druuna, you'll understand. What does plot matter, even when the plot involves drooling multi-penised horny mutants, when the artistry is an ode to the main character's glorious backside? Several other volumes, such as Obsession, Druuna X, and Druuna X 2, were published just of Serpieri's artwork of this ample goddess, justifying my inattention to the graphic novels.

Now, if it takes me the better side of a decade to getting around to reading the non-juicy bits of a graphic novel series, can you imagine how long it takes me to read the entirety of a blue piece of fiction? I am definitely guilty of reading only the "good parts," leaving the rest, often including character development and plot, for some other time, also known as never o'clock.

I would write more fiction if I treated it as I did my erotic reading. I get so caught up in the wheres and whys, even the last names, whether they're mentioned or not, that I never get to write those "good parts." I've started so many stories that I think would be really fantastic if I could just finish them. The naughty parts would be all the better for the care and attention I put into the reason for the scene, the mental space of the characters, the exact shade of grass outside the window. And why? Why? I'm an avid reader and writer, whether I ever finish anything or not, and if I don't bother with the pages before the panties come down, why do I think anyone else will take the time to get to know the tale before the tail?

I started writing a handful of stories based on the suggestions you shared with me over the past week. If I ever actually finish anything, I'll start posting them on the Naughty Abby site. That's the plan, anyway. What I wonder is, should I mark off the good parts so no one misses anything in the scrolling? How important is plot in a spanking story? And is that really what I'm writing? Perhaps that's the real trouble. I haven't decided whether I'm writing literature with a bit of spanking, or spanking with a bit of literature. Is there a place for me in this genre? Does anyone care about punishment with plot?

This one was always my favorite. Wonderfully unsettling.


  1. Don't worry Abby, I think many of us have an uncanny ability to "scroll for the good parts". I certainly have put it to good use over lo these many years. Before the internet, I'd walk into a bookstore and instantly locate the section with the victorian novellas. I'd pick up one (e.g. "Fanny Hill's Continuing Exploits"... or "My Summer With Lord Birkenstead" or something like that) and instantly locate the lavish details of the writhing bare bottoms therin as they received the tawse or the cane. Thinking back, I'll bet my trying to pretend I was just nonchalantly browsing wasn't very convincing. Especially if every half hour another spanko would come in and do the same thing haha! Keep up you blog Abby! it's needed.

  2. Um, multi-penised? In a row? Here and there? Never mind.

    I read only for the 'good parts' too. No, I don't really care about plot development. Or even aftercare. Just spanking, birching, caning, etc. etc.

    Please do highlight the good bits, maybe in pink. I wouldn't want to scroll too fast and miss one!


  3. First off, spankstatic art from an artist I'm not all that familiar with. Her bottom is simply magnifecent, almost glowing in the top image.

    Regarding fiction, how about this--why not start with some very short-stories? where space is premium, time is of the essence, and you havta' to get to the kinko part fairly rapidly.

    Anyhoo....then the entire story essentially will be 'the good parts' if that makes any sense :-)



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