Sunday, June 1, 2008

Julie's Sixteenth Birthday

Number 36 on the list of worst album covers ever. Number 1 on Julie's list of worst birthdays ever.

One of my favorite newsletters seemingly has nothing to do with spanking, believe it or not. It hails from Very Short List and often contains pop cultural gems, such as this list from a newspaper in Florida featuring the top fifty worst album covers ever. But as tends to happen with most things, there's always a way to tie a subject back to spanking, and this list was no exception. I just knew there would be something I could post here, and sure enough, number 36 did not let me down. "Julie's Sixteenth Birthday." Her worst birthday ever? Apparently!

I've been trying to come up with a story behing the image. Is that her dad? Her older brother? Her uncle? I figure Julie went to the pub to celebrate her birthday, but got caught. The man in the picture is trying to explain to her that beer and cigarettes are for grown-ups, not sixteen year olds. He's taken them away from her and is now explaining that just because she thinks she's grown up now, she really isn't, and sixteen isn't too old for a spanking.

In my version, Julie's family knows the pub owner, who doesn't mind when she's bent over the piano bench behind her and strange-hat-man takes off his belt. In an alternate version, she's made to lean over the table (elbows on the table being perfectly acceptable for this position) and the entire pub is offered a few swats at her. Birthday spanking, indeed! Poor Julie. Little did she know when she posed for this picture that she would be blogged about thirty years later by a dirty-minded girl like me. Not to mention retroactively spanked most unrelentlessly...


  1. Hi Abby,

    That's some hat, all right!

    A piano bench is too low to allow a spankee to be in a good position while being spanked. (Devlin described how he used a bench to spank a lady, and it didn't sound nice at all!. Can you say "diaper position"?)

    I vote for across the table with the rolled-up hat.


  2. I have this album!

    {Just kidding} Goodness. What a truly horrendous album cover lol.

    "Now then," sighed Uncle Luke, sipping his Pabst Blue Ribbon with a sly smile, "lookee here missy, it's either bent over that rickety piano bench, or out to the old woodshed behind my trailer where I keep a strategically placed collection of implements and various pervertables."


  3. Hermione, I don't know--that hat seems awfully mean! *grin* And let's NOT say "diaper position." Ever. (Though I'm sure I might whisper it now and again...)

    Dave, oh dear--something nasty in the woodshed! Did you see "Cold Comfort Farm"? Perhaps Uncle Luke is what Old Aunt Ada Doom saw in the woodshed... I wouldn't blame her for acting like a crazy person forever afterward!


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