Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Subject Me

I've had trouble writing lately. I'm not out of ideas. In terms of fiction, I have countless documents consisting of one to three paragraphs, stories with intent but not content. For the blog, it's not as if the subject of spanking is suddenly uninspiring. I have so much I want to write about for you: the auditory experience of spanking, the notion of violence in what we do, the surprise places one finds corporal punishment--the all-too brief beating of the Russian prostitute in the video-game inspired action film Hitman comes to mind.

No, the ideas are in plenitude. What lacks, what I lack, is ambition. I want to write. I do. I want to "be a writer." However, dear reader, I'm having trouble doing the actual writing. I was briefly inspired by the list of crimes and punishments posted above, as found on a random Flickr page. It got me to start this post, all the way up to the phrase "dear reader," at which point I walked away, wandered into the kitchen, and forgot about writing entirely. It's now two days later and I'm back at it, but it's really more of a "yes I'm still out here" post than it is one of reflection or eroticism.

That said, I wonder if your ideas would benefit me. Get me back into finishing fiction, or inspire brief sexy tales to be told for your more... um... immediate enjoyment. Mr. W is working all weekend. Send me your story ideas, and perhaps I'll finally write something worthy of calling myself a writer, not just a naked blogger. My bottom is taking a break from taking requests. Subject my hands to your wishes.


  1. Going with your idea of a "List of crimes and Punishments"... How about writing a bit about some things in your past that, now having the chance to reflect, you feel you should have been punished for and gotten away with. Maybe these are things that, if you could do over again, you would have rather been punished for insted of the way things DID happen. If you want to take the idea further, you might talk about what would have been a just and deserving punishment.
    If this whole idea I mentioned will take you into things too personal to share, then by all means please disregard my idea. Just trying to help give ya something to write about.

    Take care.

  2. " Subject my hands to your wishes."

    Dangerous wording among this crowd, Abby! Good luck with the writing. I always enjoy both your craft and your imagination.


  3. I would LOVE to take part in this. Unfortunately, I am currently immersed in a building project. Hopefully, my contemplative desires will be free to prance again, fairly soon.

  4. Abby, sorry but you're too late! Before I started my blog, I was desperate to write and full of ideas that I frequently sent to bloggers, in the hopes that they would take them and run with them. And sometimes it happened.

    Now all my ideas are mine, mine, mine!

    About the list, what kind of crime is 'rubbing leaves'? VBG


  5. Hiya Abby,

    I sent you a few naughty, pervy ideas for fiction via email.

    I'm sure you will write more when you get inspired to do so. Dont force it but write when you want to.

    Your readers will always be here for you -- you are a natural and have created one of the best blogs I have seen.

    Best to you,

  6. I agree with Dave.... Fantastic blog!

  7. Saw the link on cherry red report, good stuff, yours.


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