Friday, December 7, 2018

A Little Tease

Mr. W teased my bottom with two firm swats of a new walnut paddle he designed and crafted. I don't mark easily. We were in the master bathroom and I watched both our eyes widen in the mirror as these blooms rose upon my backside. I couldn't help but share the tease here in return.

I'm hoping to have smuttier pics and a sexy punishment story to go with it by the end of the weekend.

This paddle is so beautiful - sanded so smoothly that it feels like silk until - smack! - it takes on a new sensation. It's the perfect size for OTK or lap play. I can imagine Mr. W enjoying the wheelbarrow position, the paddle practically bouncing itself back and forth from cheek to cheek.

He knows I'm up for punishment play and a very sore bottom this weekend. The anticipation is distracting me from all other thoughts and activities, so here I am, naughty again, sneaking in a quick post and just a little tease of paddle bruises to come.


  1. Those two perfectly placed whacks painted on a beautiful canvas.
    A true work of art!
    I expect you will not wish to be sitting for the next day or two once he really goes to town on You!

    1. Thank you! I believe you are correct about the sitting. Just those two whacks left a decent impression! I'm really looking forward to having the house to ourselves tonight. I think this paddle is going to lend itself to some really fun naughty girl punishment paddling. I feel giddy!

  2. Sometimes those small paddles seem to hurt more than big ones. Just the thing for punishment play! Enjoy! :)


    1. So true! We ended up with not enough time for real play last night, but we found ourselves with a few minutes this afternoon to test out another paddle Mr. W has made recently. They're genuinely good - he's really working on balance and understanding how they impact the backside. He wants them to be both elegant and most effective. And yes - there will be more info on those soon! I'm a pretty proud and happy guinea pig in the meanwhile. :-)


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