Thursday, April 7, 2016

France and Abby's Underpants

This is on the page of the girl who posted my Naughty Abby video.
Dear diary, today I was a very bad girl...
(image from the profile of  Little Blondie,
the person in France who posted one of my old videos)

We were in bed, TV on in the background, both of us caught up in our own activities on our phones. I was playing a farming game. Mr. W was mostly on Imgur, occasionally taking a detour, when he suddenly angled his phone towards me. "I suppose it had to happen eventually," he said.

The video that had just started to play showed us eight years younger in our old attic in Portland. My black skirt was still in place but I was bent over a bench, the tops of my thigh high stocks visible. On the screen, Mr. W began spanking me.

My eyes darted around the screen. It had been years, almost a decade, since this video, or any of my Naughty Abby spanking videos, were available. I knew that even most of the links on my blog were broken. But here we were, uploaded onto xHamster by someone in France last June. The tags were spanking, lingerie, and stockings. The video, almost four minutes just of hand spanking over my panties, had received over eight thousand views and had a thumbs up rating of 97%. I was thrilled.

Since then, I've been fixing the broken videos on the blog, setting up a new Clips4Sale account, and creating new preview videos for my new account on SpankingTube. The clips store went live last Friday night and links were added around the blog over the weekend. Abby the spanking video star is back in action.

Writing is and always will be my first calling, but making those videos was an incredible experience. Having re-watched them all in the last few weeks, they've held up well, which I owe to Mr. W's love for my bottom and our passion for spanking, as well as the effort Mr. W put into the direction and editing. Having had a chance to capture "this thing we do" on video, in the way that we do it, means so much to me.

I would be the happiest woman in the world if I could stay at home to write and make videos. Imagine, to write spanking fiction during the week and to make spanking movies with Mr. W on the weekend! I might be able to make my dream of having my own little spanking publishing house come to fruition.

I'd love to have my readers check out my clips store, Abby Loves Spanking. All the original Naughty Abby videos are there, and I just might be making more soon. There's also a Donate button if you want to help me make my dream of living a life of spanking a reality.


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    1. Thank you! I've been trying to keep up with your blog lately, I'm enjoying it very much!


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