Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cowboy Corner Time - Another Spanktiquing Adventure

The Pornhub/Cornhub April Fool's Day prank reminded me that I haven't posted about Cornfest 2015. That was back in July, before I returned to blogging. Fortunately, we always end up with a spanking-related story, and our Cornfest adventure was no exception.

We hadn't intended to go to Cornfest, two hours away in Camp Verde with not much in between here and there, but we were aching to get out of the oppressive Phoenix heat. Camp Verde is to the north and was forecasted to be cooler than home, with the added bonus of being hours away from everyone we knew. We could go for a drive, do some spanktiquing if we were lucky, and best of all, just breathe and be together.

The drive was relaxing, desert expanses on both sides changing from scrub to rocky hills to forests of cactus then back to scrub, mountains in stark relief off in the distance. When we arrived in downtown Camp Verde, we realized we weren't going to be there for very long. The festival was small, reminiscent of the Fourth of July fair in my little New England hometown. Neighbors commingled, chatting over fried dough and roast corn as their children raced around the craft and snack booths. Feeling like outsiders but happy to be walking around in the fresh air, we headed for the short downtown fairway, its shopping district consisting of gun shops, feed stores, and, wouldn't you know it, an antique store and trading post - Cowboy Corner.

Cowboy Corner turned out to be a melting pot of equestrian paraphernalia, decorative antiques, and general store oddities. They even had a barrel of leather straps.

In the equestrian area, we found a dogging bat we couldn't go home without. We've had one like it for a decade, but that one has a metal bar in the handle, leaving just the slapper free. The one at Cowboy Corner was completely leather and the texture of the leather was incredibly soft. I was dying to feel it tracing patterns on my bare backside followed by the swat of the double layer of leather in an over the knee or warm-up spanking. 

We also found a collection of leather conditioners. We've been needing one for ages, especially with our penchant for old leather and wood, and we figured the ones carried by a store specializing in leather equestrian goods would be worth checking out. We decided on Skidmore's Leather Cream, a handmade all-natural conditioner with beeswax. I'm adding their link to my Toys section because it has worked wonders on some of our antique leathers and it works beautifully on wood as well. I was worried about using anything on some of our more expensive or antique implements, but this one has turned out to be gentle and effective. I'd recommend it.

When we went to the counter, the clerk found our selection of the leather bat amusing. Apparently we didn't look like horse people. "She's going to use this at home!" he announced to us, the other clerk, and anyone else in the store, smacking the bat against his hand. He laughed a semi-toothless but genuine laugh. He looked us up and down. I'm slightly taller than Mr. W and I have more meat on my bones; I think the clerk might have thought I was the domineering type. "It don't hurt much, though, you see," he added. Then he started spanking his own butt with our new toy. We laughed and had absolutely no recourse to the conversation. We took our bag and headed the heck out of Dodge. 

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