Friday, January 4, 2008

Spanking the Mermaid, Part Two

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the fabulous and sexy Curvaceous Dee

Here's the rest of the scene. If you haven't read the previous post, well, you got here just in time for the good part. Don't worry about the backstory--there are 10 pages of size 10 font before the beginning of this scene, so the only thing you'll miss is a bit of blushing and going over the knee. But who doesn't like a bit of blushing then going over the knee, right? Anyhow, here you go:

"Stop struggling, Melodie," Bluebeard commanded, three slaps coming down in hard succession. "Do you want me to spank your bare bottom instead?" Three more firm spanks landed on her cotton-clad backside, its reddened flesh showing through the thin white fabric. She flailed, her right hand reaching back to protect herself. He grabbed her hand and held her arm against her back while pulling her pants down to her thighs. She stiffened in embarrassment. This wasn't supposed to be happening. She needed him to love her as a woman, but he was treating her like a little girl. This, more than the pain, brought tears to her eyes. As he resumed the spanking, the tears began to fall.

His hand found a rhythm. Left side, right side, left side, right side. Two slaps hard, two slaps soft. She tried to ride the pain and found that as he warmed her bottom, the stinging slaps were fewer and farther between. Now each spread a warmth over her flesh unlike anything she'd felt before. Left, right. Pain, pain, gentle, gentle. She stole a glance back at the man with the blue beard. His face was set with concentration, his brow furrowed, his gaze firmly set upon her backside. She shook her hair to get his attention.

"Melodie, do not try to distract me," he began, but when he looked at her, her pale little face now red and wet with tears, he stopped spanking and began to stroke her reddened flesh. She bit her lip and he found himself grinning. Her eyelids fluttered as his hand stroked the sting out of her bottom. Her skin had never been so sensitive, so alive. She understood the pain now. Again, she wanted to tell him. Do it again.

But he had finished. The crop would have to wait for another time. He lifted her up off his lap and stood her before him, her pants falling down as he did so and landing around her ankles. She looked at the ground, red-faced, confused at what had just happened, ashamed at being punished and more ashamed at finding she hadn't wanted it to stop. The man with the blue beard stood and tilted her chin up. "You did very well, Melodie," he told her. She tried to smile. "That was your first spanking, wasn't it?" She nodded. He laughed and couldn't help but take her in his arms. "I could tell," he told her. "You looked so confused." He stroked her hair. "Good girl," he whispered down to her. "Good girl."

She nuzzled her face against his chest, relaxing into him. His hands had wandered away from her hair and returned to her punished bottom. She stepped out of her pants and pulled away from him, climbing onto the bed on her hands and knees. She looked back over her shoulder as if to say, "Are you coming?" His hands were already at the waist of his pants.


  1. Hey, that was a great story, Abby! I liked the way you only let us into what's usually the middle of the story, but still made the characters interesting. I'm also perfectly happy reading longer stories from a writer of your caliber-- the Great American Spanking Novel in serial form? :-)

  2. 'Are you coming?' Heh - he will be shortly! Lovely, lovely part of the story.

    xx Dee

  3. “Dam!”

    As the trout said when it swam into a cement wall.

    I was so bored

    So I sat around listening to some old records: I Cod Have Danced All Night, You Walrus Hurt The One You Love, It Haddock Be You, Sturgeons In The Night, until I couldn’t stand it any longer.

    I scanned my collection for a DVD to watch. I’d already seen Jurassic Carp and Pulp Fishin’ .

    I floundered for a while trying to decide what to do.

    Finally I went on line…

    A mermaid story!

    I was hooked. It was great fin.

    Will you take penguin hand and write part 3?

  4. Mmmm love it!

    Although I do have to confess, when I first read the title I was like, what? How can you spank something that doesn't have legs...

  5. Hey, look at the picture of the mermaid on the rock. She's got a bum. But yeah, a little easier when she pulls a Darryl Hannah, as in Abby's excellent bedtime story.

  6. Thank you all for such fantastic responses to this. Even just hoping people would come back to read the second half was exciting. I will certainly have to take penguin hand again (Rap, you are so wonderfully silly).

  7. excellent writing; more please!!!



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