Saturday, October 17, 2020

Alive and Well and Paddling!

Hello spankos! Once again it's been awhile. Last you heard from me back in March, Mr. W and I had recently launched Little Red Spanking, our adult spanking paddle shop on Etsy. I wish I'd chronicled the growth of LRS from then to now with blog posts and pics - I have some catching up to do! 

I am incredibly proud of Mr. W and the paddles he crafts. He puts his heart and soul into each piece and I know that is the number one reason the shop is thriving. I want to show off everything he makes! I hope it's okay that I start doing a little bit more of that here.

I must also say - we are so grateful to our fellow spankos in this community! Without this shared passion, a spanking paddle shop would not be possible. We love bringing you the quality and craftsmanship we know you want and deserve - the same we would want from a spanking toy company. This is who we are.

All paddles are handcrafted by Mr. W, aka Spencer Williams, from domestic and exotic hardwoods, finished with body safe and all natural mineral oil and beeswax, and shipped discreetly. See more at Little Red Spanking on Etsy.


  1. Nice to see you back. Good luck with the Etsy paddle shop.


  2. Abby, those paddles are lovely, and I assume very effective too!


  3. Halloween reminds me when dating. I decided to trick or treat at my girlfriend place. I dressed as a salesman, knocking on the door, I opened my coat, I was wearing nothing, my erection on full display. It did go as planned, her mother was visiting, and I was pulled into the home. Well my girlfriend and mother both looked at me, told to take off the coat, I stood there trying to explain. Her mother was mad to say the least, I soon was given the choice of taken their punishment, or not seeing her again. I loved her and so their punishment. Her mother soon had me across her lap and stinging and warming my bare bottom with just her hand. I danced around once I got off her lap. My girlfriend smiled, over my lap young man and not seeing she had a hairbrush I was a total mess when she finished. I spent the night, in the morning both inspected my bottom, I was wearing a nightie, felt foolish. Ask what I had to say, I said Sorry, and we did get married, and yes the spankings are part of the marriage and yes my mother-in-law spanks when needed.

  4. Beautiful products. It is especially attractive that they are made by hand.

  5. My wife purchase such a paddle, she was using a bath brush, I soon found out this is worse. She spanked me a few weeks back prior to going to church. Squirming on those pews were worse than the spanking. She told me some women were smiling seeing me squirmed, they knew you got a spanking, what they do not know is your going to the bedroom, undress and wait for me, your getting the second part of your punishment, another spanking. I just said Yes Dear and waiting in the bedroom, naked, knowing I would really have a hard time sitting. Hate that paddle. Jack

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