Monday, February 15, 2010

Scribe for Sale?

What do you think of the idea of on-demand spanking fiction?

I've been considering a new venture, a business venture, that would involve the writing of personalized stories. You tell me what you want in your story and I create it, just for you. I haven't figured out what the fee would be (similar to buying a term paper, I'd imagine?) or what rules would apply (18+ characters a must, NC ok, minor squick probably fine but dealt with on a case by case basis, no fan fic due to copyrights, that sort of thing). As much as I want to keep working on putting a story collection together for actual publication, I really like the idea of creating these personal erotic works. They would exist just for the customer, not to be published on this blog or anywhere else.

I like the intimacy of this idea. One of the stumbling blocks I hit with my own fiction is suddenly wondering, "What if I'm the only person who finds this sexy? What if I'm the only one aroused by this?" While there is nothing wrong with that, and while I know in most scenarios that wouldn't be the case anyway, I really love the idea that I would be writing something just right for somebody else. One of the things I regret about not making any more Naughty Abby films is that I never got to fulfill some of the scene requests I'd received. There were some really good ones, and this would be another way for me to fulfill those fantasies.

Tell me what you think, either here or by emailing me at


  1. Hmmm...well I think this is a capital idea! Models make custom vids for patrons; artists take commissions for art pieces, so I say go for it....I do think the market exists for this concept.

    Not sure how the pricing and those lil details would work tho. . . .


  2. Thanks, Dave! It's all those little details that will take time. I figure once I get it sorted out, I'll offer up a few free stories, with the caveat that I can post them as demonstration. Maybe you have a fantasy (or twenty) that you'd like to see in print? Let me know! :-)

  3. Here is some ideas Abby that you might like to explore. How about a political figure such as Sarah Palin being spanked by President Obama. Of course it must be on her bare bottom. How about a naughty mother being spanked by her 18 year-old son. A Mother Superior being spanked by the Pope. Good luck Abby, on your new endeavors. And Seasons Greetings to you.


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