Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Third Time's the Charm?

I'm still committed to this "Peek of the Week" phrase, although it didn't last in its initial conception. I've been thinking about how to make use of it, and I began to think about how I really like those weekly roundups of what a person's been up to, whether it's Chross's Guide to the spankings he's found around the Internet or the non-fetish pop culture gems listed every Friday on the Pop Candy blog. This afternoon, I realized I could combine the two, which would allow me to provide a "peek" into what I've been thinking and doing, even when I don't have time to write a full essay or story about it all. So, despite the fact that it is already Thursday for half my readers, here is my attempt at Peek of the Week Version 3.0.

Abby is Reading: Casey Morgan's Blog
When Casey posted a link to a new blog post on Twitter yesterday, I figured I'd take a minute and read it since I hadn't had a chance to check out her blog yet and I'd been meaning to for weeks. It was midday, so I was at my desk at work, taking a quick brain break when I opened her page. Half an hour and a handful of Kleenex later, I was only able to pull myself away because the phone rang.

Casey's blog isn't just about spanking, though it's a core element, because it's a core element of Casey herself. She also writes about her identity, her dreams, and her experiences. What caused my eyes to tear was that she writes about all these things alongside her grief for her late husband, with whom she shared those experiences. I don't often think of what would become of my identity as Abby if Mr. W was no longer around. I don't know if I could still write here, in this part of my world. Casey not only writes in this world, she allows us into her life with a blend of honesty, humor, and insight, and I am grateful that she has become one of my friends.

Abby is Dreaming: A wooden fireplace mantel, with metal loops at each end, to which my wrists are tied with my body facing the unlit fireplace. This mantel is in a small cabin, Thoreau-style, in the middle of the woods. It seems I have trespassed. I am to be punished, but I have been unable to see the dweller of the cabin. Is it Mr. W? A burly woodsman? Thoreau himself, who will lecture me on measuring the water level of the pond (having been there many a time, it's really more of a small, beautiful lake) while he punishes me for treading on land he knows full well he does not, cannot, own? All I know is that every time I've let my mind wander this week, I find this mantel before my face, arms spread and bound, legs free but spread open, by commad. I stand on tiptoe. I wait

Abby is Craving: A new vibrator, as my favorite (this was the blue ridged one mentioned in the fantasy I wrote about in "When I Think About You I...") finally gave up after five happy years together. I'm still shopping for a new one, and trying to find something that I will love as much but that I can still afford. Why must pleasure be so pricey? Mr. W and I have enjoyed many a trip to antique stores all along the Pacific Coast, questing for items to be used against my backside. We've splurged a few times, but we've also made some fantastic finds without emptying our wallets. Antique stores are most definitely not an option when it comes to standard sex toys! Comically, I'm envisioning trying to use a hand-operated mechanical egg-beater, the kind with a crank you have to turn, to create vibration. On second thought, if I'm actually thinking of trying to get off with an egg-beater, maybe I need to just shell out the extra dollars and get something that will do the job. Clearly, this girl's in need.

And so ends the first edition of Peek of the Week V3.0. I'll have to try to include more links and tidbits next time, but I wanted to put this together while it was still Wednesday for me and thus technically still the "peak of the week." Fingers crossed that I can keep to a schedule in the future! Or perhaps Mr. W and I can create an agreement. If I fail to post a Peek of the Week, my next post will have to be a detailed description of how he punished me for procrastinating. Win, win!

(Um, yes. It's now Thursday for me as well. Better late than never?)

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  1. Abby - I like this concept. You can share whatever bits about yourself that you want to. And it would still work if someone sent you a pic to post.



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