Thursday, May 1, 2008

Round Two!

At this point, this image is a golden oldie, but it has to do with what I'm posting about.
Bear with me!

The Naughty Abby site is taking forever to come to fruition. I've barely had time to write, nevermind film! I know that there have been a few people who have been curious about the movies I'm making, but didn't want to venture into a non-PayPal world, so I finally found a way of posting the same clips from the clip site onto NaughtyAbby.Com. I started with the tawsing clip, as that's one of my favorites, and I just put it on the front page tonight. I kept the pricing the same as the clips4sale site (where the prices were determined by the site, not me) in order to keep it fair for those who have helped me towards continuing to film. Please know that you have! We bought a third video camera and more memory and have been anxious to try them out! Bear with us and my bottom will be back soon. For now, I'll try to get some of the other films up on my own site as well, and that will at least let me know if there's still an interest in my poor red bottom. Also, a thank you to Pandora and Dave, both of whom have shown great faith in the future of the Abby site and have listed it on their own blogs. Thank you so much! For the Paypal people, let me know if there's a video you want me to post sooner rather than later, and I'll get on it as soon as possible. Comment here or email me.



  1. Special request to the person who bought the tawsing film off the Naughty Abby site--will you email me please? I'd really like to make sure all is kosher and that it works and that you are happy (I hope!). Thank you! If you have any issues, let me know and I'll do what I can to make it right!


  2. It works just fine! I'm, really, really happy with it, Abby!

    You and Mr Williams are so gorgeous together! He is handsome and stern. You are lovely and have an expressive, sensitive, face.

    I loved the tawsing! Mr Williams seemed to judge just what level of severity was necessary on your hands. When you leaned on the chair, it was an exquisitely erotic moment when the camera angle switched to reveal the contours of your bottom--scintallating empathised by those white panties.

    Your brave bare bottom, as it moved through sunset towards purple night, was magnificent to behold. As was the lusty abandon with which Mr Williams soundly spanked you over his knee. I loved the way he controlled your struggling form and held you sternly in place.

    The sinister swish, with which Mr Williams preluded the caning, was a master-stroke--as were the six strokes that followed. By that time the heat from your bottom was almost tangible through the computer screen, Abby!

    And the cherry on this wonderful cake were those stern peremptory taps that Mr Williams administered, as you rubbed your smarting seat, and the clip came to a close.

    All in all, a movie to cherish! To be viewed on high days and holidays--when I owe myself a special treat. Thanks for making your work available through paypal.


  3. Wow! Jim, I am going to take your comment and turn it into a poster to hang upon our wall, and every time we don't feel like filming, I'm going to make us read it aloud. What an amazing comment!!! I can't even say how happy it makes me. I feel like anything I say here is completely dwarfed compared to your words. Thank you ever so much.


  4. Oh my. How could i possibly top that previous comment, the wonderfully well-written praise of your vids? That is awesome! Def. print and frame that.

    Keep up the great work Abby. No worries bout your site taking a while to get started or come to fruition--we will all still be here :)

    the cherry
    red report


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