Sunday, September 9, 2007

Take Me to the Chorus

Galavanting around town, indeed! My beautiful man, in his secret anonymous disguise, has finally commented on my blog. I suppose now I really must finish that story, though I wouldn't mind some "or else" right now! I really wasn't galavanting, though. Along with almost every other twenty-something girl in Portland, I was at the futuresex/loveshow. It sounds kinky if you don't listen to pop music. If you do, you'll know I went to see Justin Timberlake.
The show was surprisingly mature, as was the audience. Maybe local parents had heard there would be a burlesque segment and just too much sexiness. JT has shed the boy-band persona completely. The fashion was Jazz Age, the dancing was slick and sexy, and the musicians were as much as part of the show as Timberlake and the dancers. Spending much time on the piano as well as taking turns with a guitar and keyboard, Timberlake himself proved to be quite the showman. I expected to be entertained. I left the show not only entertained, but also respectful and impressed.
More importantly, however, is how Justin Timberlake fits into a blog about spanking. Let me set the scene for you. An arena packed full of girls, most of whom are of age, though there are of course quite a few teens as well. Everyone is dressed up, though some are not especially dressed. Fashion ran the full gamut from short-shorts and tiny tops to slinky satin dresses to tight jeans and cute tees. Everyone is singing and dancing along, wiggling their bottoms and shaking their hips. Justin himself slaps a few dancers' backsides during various numbers, the hottest of which was during "Sexy Ladies," which incorporated three girls in classic burlesque costumes (i.e. a little fringe and little else). The girls brought out stools for some Fosse-inspired chair-dancing. JT took a seat on one as a brunette went over his lap--no, not like that. Face up, unfortunately. But after she did her little lap dance, he smacked the back of her thigh, and it looked so natural, like he might not have even thought about it, like it was instinct. Makes a girl wonder about a boy.
So we've got our arena of girls, we have some flesh-smacking on stage, and we get to the last number of the show, the one we've all been waiting for, "SexyBack." Thousands of girls sing along. If you don't know the song, you don't know how hot this is. Thousands of girls sing along with the chorus and this line:

I'll let you whip me if I misbehave.
After seeing the show, I can't help but wonder if Timberlake planned ahead for the concert tour, knowing full well that at every show, he'd have a room full of girls singing that line to him. And now I better get back to work on that story, lest I be whipped for misbehaving. Hm. On second thought, maybe I should do something else.


  1. Yeah, I hate to admit it, but he could whip me for any sort of behaviour, mis or not!



  2. An interesting challenge for the security staff after the show, I imagine.

    "Queue for autographs to the left. Queue to be whipped by Mr Timberlake to the right", one queue behaving impeccably, the misbehaviour in the other quite astounding...

  3. I'm just a bit outta the loop with guys like Justin Laketimber.

    I'm not exactly sure what he does, actor, singer, etc, something like that, but I do know he is an entertainer of some ilk.

    But I figure if he can do it, why not me?

    Maybe I'll start a band and take the show on the road. I've often been told I should be on a stage.

    (Yeah, right. The stage leaves at 3:10! You should be on it!)

    Anyway, how about Raptor and the Pest Control Stompers?

    Stand aside, Laketimber...the Raptor is about to become unplugged!

  4. Just what is it about Justin Timberlake? I didn't know who he was until I saw him on Michael Parkinson (I know. I know. I'm showing my age.) and he's not exactly good looking, but he has that certain something, and sets my imagination going....and he really is too young to be doing that to me.......

  5. Ah, SexyBack by JT. How I love that tune! I had no idea of the 'whip you' line in the tune though...

    Now I like it even better.



  6. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am pretty sure that this line is more a F-m thing. Especially if you look at JT's recent choice of girlfriends (Jessica Biel!) I think he's the submissive one here...


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