Thursday, June 13, 2024

OMG I quit my job to become a full-time spanko

I finally did it: I quit my job a few months ago and made spanking my full time work. Our Etsy paddle shop Little Red Spanking is growing into success - our paddles and straps have come to be known worldwide! I could not be more proud of Spencer and the absolute spanking art he creates. 

To better serve the spanking community, I built a whole new website -  LRS Toys. Now we can offer Rewards, a monthly Giveaway, a Blog, and lots more on the way! We're planning more paddle partnerships, a gift directory, wishlists, a smokin' hot spanking gallery, and more.

Sign up for our email list and get automatic entry into our monthly free spanking paddle giveaway. We're calling the giveaway 6th of the Best and we'll be giving away one or more spanking toys every 6th of every month.

🠊🠊🠊Sign up here:

You'll want to sign up for our Rewards program when you shop for your next wood spanking paddle or leather spanking strap. Get 1 point for every $1 spent. Earn rewards quickly and level up our VIP tiers: start at Barely Blush, move up to Roasted Red and earn points faster, and get maximum points when you reach Paddled Plum!

🠊🠊🠊Purchased from our Etsy shop? Contact Us on Etsy or and we'll convert your purchases into points on the new website!

So what's next for Abby? I need to spread the word about LRS Toys!!! I'm back on social media, back to blogging, and I am doing my best to really make this work. This leap has been terrifying but I've been dancing around this since I started this blog back in 2007. Thank you to all you long-term readers who I know will forgive me for taking a year to post since last time. 

Want to help spread the word? Link us up or reach out to me! I'll be looking for guest bloggers on the new site - stay tuned for more on that or let me know if you're interested! I definitely have a few of you bloggers in mind!

First image: it's me, Abby! With a Stevie Rose Hairbrush in Bubinga
Photos from spanking sessions featuring LRS Toys by Assume the Position Studios


  1. I hope that you have continuing success with your venture. And don't worry about taking a long break, I took a five year break once :)


    1. Thank you Prefectdt! I'm so happy to see you and quite a handful of bloggers still around! I have a lot of catching up to do. Fortunately, now I'm not doing my job if I'm not thinking about spanking, LOL! :-)

  2. Hi Abby,

    Congratulations on your new venture. It sounds wonderful, and spankos will flock to your store once word gets out.


  3. Hello Abby. Looking forward to your return!!


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