Saturday, March 21, 2020

5 Updates Regarding Abby, With Spanked Bare Bottom Pics Because I've Missed You

Dear Spanko Blogosphere,

I have been remiss in paying you the attention you deserve. Perhaps now I will finally have the time at home I've needed. It only took the end of the world, but I have so much to tell you!

But first, let's just post something!

Here are 5 Updates Regarding Abby:

1. opened in January. Mr. Williams is in the workshop filling custom orders as I type this. We did it, the paddle shop is real!

2. Mr. W and I are both healthy and are occupying ourselves with spanking each other and doing spanking-related activities, such as paddle making and getting back to blogging. :-)

3.  I have become so strong in the last year! When I was training hard, I maxed my barbell deadlift at 230 lbs and my squat at 165 lbs. My tush is powerful!

4. We have amassed an absurd amount of erotica, smut, and sexuality books for our personal collection in the last year. I expect to feature interesting titles here in the future!

5. The vintage bookstore I opened on Etsy a year ago, Little Red Bookshop, has been a source of joy and mental health. I love finding and listing unusual and sometimes ridiculous titles. Right now I have everything from a signed hardcover first edition of Douglas Adams' The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul to the movie tie-in novelization of Armageddon. Mr. W hoards the sexy books, but I manage to feature them on the shop from time to time. Click here to go right to the Erotica, Sex, and XXX shelf. 

The paddle at the top is our Joker paddle in Walnut. Mr. W made one for me in Knotty Alder and used it my birthday weekend. It was an absolute delight with bright red results!


  1. Welcome back. Great paddle and lovely red bottom! Squats do a bottom good!

    1. They certainly do! Thank you for the welcome back! :-)

  2. Hi Abby, and welcome back! We missed you too.

    What could be better than a birthday paddling in your birthday suit? Strong is sexy, and you look beautiful. Red is totally your color.

    I'm delighted to read about your business successes as well. Your ventures bring our beloved kink to a world ready for something new and exciting.

    May you and Mr. W stay well and keep spanking until we can all emerge again.

    Love and socially distanced hugs,

    1. Bonnie, you always make me smile! Thank you so much for your note. May your at-home spanking adventures continue unabated!

      Love and socially distanced hugs to you as well! I'm adopting that. :-)

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