Monday, March 21, 2016

A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

UPDATE: I decided not to do the A to Z Challenge. I'm working on so many projects already and I want my posts to be worthwhile. Check out my April 1st post "A Spanking Alphabet." This doesn't make up for a whole month of posts, but it's a fun way to start the month and the weekend!

I discovered through the blog Infinitesimal Thoughts that today is Theme Reveal day for the annual Blogging from A to Z Challenge. How perfect! I'd just been thinking about finding a challenge that would help me add to the number of posts I publish weekly, but found this by accident while reading through my blog roll. Today is the day that all of the participants are supposed to reveal the theme they will post about, A to Z, in April. Some bloggers might go with a theme they don't normally write about, then post A to Z about that subject. For example, Han at Infinitesimal Thoughts chose Johannes Vermeer. Others who want to keep to their blog's subject will use the A to Z challenge as inspiration for their posts.

I'm going to blog about... Spanking! Surprise!

I'm already pretty happy with the theme of my blog. What I'm excited about is the idea that I will need to post every day (except Sunday), with a post that matches that day's letter. A is for Ass, B is for Bottom, C is for Cane, etc. My two goals are to post more frequently and to bring in new readers. This will help me meet both goals, because I'll get pulled from the list if I miss too many entries. No warning swats, no playful OTK reprimands, it's just straight to bed without supper.

Blogs with adult content are welcome as long as you note "AC" in parentheses after your blog title when you sign up. Sign ups are still open at


  1. Certainly a very interesting theme! Glad you jumped in and joined the challenge; have fun with it!


  2. sounds interesting look forward to reading your a to z blog posts. Have fun.
    Hugs Lindy

  3. Quite interesting I must say!

    Can you please put up the A to Z challenge badge on your blog though?

    Thank you!

    1. Sorry Soumya! I had it last week and then was playing around with my layout this weekend and I haven't put all my badges back up yet. The A to Z badge is back up now. :-)


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