Monday, August 20, 2007

We Are Not Alone

I see spanked people.

They're everywhere. So are the people who spank them. Seriously. We are everywhere.

Yesterday, over at My Bottom Smarts, Bonnie's Sunday Brunch topic was about a fictional spanking interview show for television. Everyone offered realistic and interesting suggestions, thus begging the question, at least in the UK, why isn't there such a thing?

Today, on The Cherry Red Report, Dave offered up movie posters and some fun suggestions for spanking-based feature films. Why did cinematic spankings die with the golden age of film? In a culture run amok with "torture porn" like Hostel, Turistas, and the upcoming Elisha Cuthbert faux-snuff vehicle Captivity, what is so wrong with seeing a girl's bottom turned over a knee and spanked to a nice glowing hue? Would we really rather see her fingers cut off? If audiences are craving a bit of titillating violence, there has to be a better way, especially when it appears that we're all doing it behind closed doors anyway.

When I typed "spanking" into the search field at Cafe Press, the make-your-own-merchandise website, it pulled up 2,290 designs. There was a bit of BDSM, a bit of joking, and apparently quite a few Irish people who need to be spanked, but most of it was along the lines of "Spank Me" or "I Spank." The adorable Punishment Book pictured to the left is at Hell's Harlot . The "I Want a Spanking" image up above is there, too--on a little white tank top.

Apparently, OTK is not just an anagram, it's also a logo to be worn on hats, t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, drink coasters, thongs, etc. Here are two I found, again on Cafe Press alone:

There was also this darling warning at The Lipstick Sub:

Not to be outdone, another t-shirt advertised, "Slippery when slippered," which I thought was a nice nod to a true understanding of the fetish.

After finding all these sites on Cafe Press alone, I turned to my husband and announced, "I think we're in the majority." There was even a spanking image, albeit not a sexy one, on a rerun of The Simpsons last night. The more I look around, the more spanking is everywhere I look. Could it be we're all either sitting with sore bottoms or typing with sore hands? I'm on the look-out now.

It's funny--I think most of us kept our fascinations with spanking quiet for at least some parts of our lives. Those of who knew since we were children certainly couldn't talk about it until we were grown-up. Those who discovered later on were, I'm presuming, possibly overwhelmed by the discovery. All of us have had to face telling someone we care about what it is we like. I know that not everyone is understanding, but I think there are more of us out there than we realize. We are not alone.


  1. Hi, Abby -

    I love your site and have begun to read you regularly.

    A few months ago I thought (as I have for decades) that I was both alone in my secret desire and abnormal somehow for feeling it. Discovering MBS and other blogs and sites opened up a whole new world, and set the record straight - spankos are everywhere! And we're normal people! Indeed, spanko bloggers are supportive of each other and newbies with questions, exhibit great humor, have poignant insights on relationships and sexuality, and many are just plain great writers.

    It would be refreshing to liberate all of our submerged feelings and inclinations, but there's also something exciting about feeling that you fantasize about something illicit (or at least a little naughty or dangerous).

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Fantastic post, and raises a lot of intriguing issues regarding our little kink.

    And maybe, heck, there is no such thing as vanilla?

  3. Hi Scout! Thank you for your comment and for being a reader. Every time a new person comments on my blog (well, anytime anyone comments, really) I get so excited. You're right. While it would be great for our particular kink to be widely accepted, it's just as much fun to have this secret life.

    Spankogirl--welcome back! It's good to see you again. *hugs*

    Dave--I wish that were the case! If you worked in my office, however, you would unfortunately discover the many flavors of cardboard that are out there. I can barely get away with acting French Vanilla there! Thank goodness for the "spankosphere."

  4. I love your I see spanked people" line.

    Well, errm....I see cherry red tushies everywhere I go, well, in my mind I guess.... :-))


  5. What was the movie that came out a few years ago where Bruce somebody (I can never remember this guy's name. Obviously his work has left a huge impression on me) kept seeing dead people?

    I like your idea a whole lot better. Seeing spankos everywhere.

    Imagine the teller at the bank, the cashier at the supermarket, your dentist's nubile assistant, your kid's teacher...

  6. Just wanted to say hi and that I love your blog. I so agree...there are more of us out there than we realize. Sugarpie

  7. Rap--Bruce Willis! Say what you will, I think he gets sexier as he gets older. But yes, it's obviously far better to see spanked people than dead people. Where are the John Edwardses of the world who can communicate with people's bottoms instead of their dead relatives?

    Sugarpie--Hello! Thank you for leaving a note, and thank you so much for liking my blog. I love finding new people who have the same interests. I hope you keep coming by!


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