Friday, March 14, 2008

Was that a gauntlet in my comments?

My Mason Pearson hairbrush.

I know one isn't supposed to fuel the fire when someone makes a comment one perceives as inflammatory or ill-willed. However, a reader (and viewer, apparently) requested in my last post that I use a "REAL" hairbrush in my clips. The above brush, dear reader, is the exact brush that was used upon my backside. You'll note the box, indicating "hair brush." If you view the history of the company, you will note that the brush was designed by Mason Pearson in 1885, making it not only a real hairbrush, but also a classic Victorian hairbrush, and an expensive one at that.

We also have a lovely $4 hairbrush from Target. This, I presume, is what is meant by a real hairbrush? I promise you, I've felt that as well, and because of the curved design of the Mason Pearson, that stings far more than the flat-backed bargain brush.

We also have a Victorian clothes brush, well-worn and from a genuine antique store, not a shop of knick-knacks. Does its wear and tear make it worthy of the "brush" name?

There is a scene in Henry & June in which Henry Miller instructs Anais Nin on the appropriate way to respond to an insult. "Fuck you, Jack!"


  1. OK, it's a real hairbrush. However, based on the muffled sound and no marking, probably well padded.
    Non-padded, wood brushes are available.
    See Bonnie's examples.

  2. Thank you Jigsaw! Believe me, that brush HURTS! It's so stingy. Not to mention, I'm not out to compete with bigger film companies that can afford to have a girl not have to go into her accounting desk job the next day! It's still very real and firm, but not cripplingly so. And you're right--I've made enough off that clip to buy another Target hairbrush. Maybe two. That's about it.

    On the upside, despite my known hatred of the brush, I have been inspired to get beaten with every brush we have in the house this weekend. On film, of course. I'm stubborn and can't resist a challenge, although that desk job is really going to suck on Monday.

    Jack, truce? Please remember I've only been doing this for a couple of weeks. We are working out things like lighting and sound as we go. I'm a pretty tough cookie, so if I scream or wince like it hurts, it hurts!

  3. Oh, yes, those Mason and Pearson brushes are the real thing, all right! And very pricey. I was going to order one, but then saw the bristles (real boar!) were set in plastic. That sent me looking for a wooden substitute. Not that I don't hate wood just as much as plastic :-) but it looks more authentic (whatever that means!)

    I like the shaper of the paddle brush too.


  4. The "Mason and Pearson" brand fascinates me. All of my American spanko friends think of it as the archetypal English hairbrush - yet I must confess that the brand is little-known over here. Still, they are quite wonderful - I had to buy one in the interests of research!

    As for wooden "paddle brushes" - one piece of advice: don't ever buy one from posh spa company Aveda. I've had two, and both have broken in use ;-)

    And how weird that people would start to criticise you, Abby, for your videos. So they make you a few dollars here and there? Good. Goodness knows, we bloggers invest so much time and effort (and costs on hosting etc.) for sometimes little thanks that if you can offset the cost a little, that's great.

    And the quality? Videos of genuine people having fun, showing an extremely attractive young woman being spanked, are quite rare: if folks want to see super-models in some expensive porn studio, there are plenty of sites they can head to.

  5. Hi Abby,

    That hairbrush you have is definitely very real!

    just keep doing what you are doing and have fun with it :-) ya ain't gonna be able to please everyone, so if you are happy, that's all that counts.

    I was quite excited to find a lovely Conair Naturals hairbrush made of 'bubinga' wood at Target recently.



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