Friday, March 7, 2008

Spanking Inferno in the Forecast for the Weekend

All Abby's arse, all the time. At least for the weekend. I hope.

Much as I may regret it by Monday, I am dedicating this weekend to spanking. I want to do nothing but work on some stories, work on the new website, and be spanked on camera and off. Perhaps I may go buy some new panties, an activity which is also now spanking related, to a degree. Perhaps some day I can even consider it a business expense.

I have been pulled in a million directions lately, especially at work. This weekend, I want everything to be pointed at my bottom. Figuratively speaking, more or less. Perhaps I'll write a serial about my three days at The Spanking House, a bit like Reage's chateau only far more fun, plus it's my house so it's less scary as well. Perhaps we'll film a mini-series. Perhaps I'll blog naked (but on a very soft pillow). Perhaps there will be a spanking inferno. (Perhaps... perhaps... perhaps!) (Oh, Coupling.)

Anyhow. My bottom. To be continued. As always.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Abby,

    I can't wait to find out how your weekend reality show comes to an end.


    Hugs and Pillows,


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