Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doctor When?

Preview from "Time For the Belt"

One of my favorite things about filming these spanking sessions is that I have a whole new realm of spanking subjects to write about. In this blog, I've covered subjects from "Am I a masochist?" to "Am I secretly a little girl?" I never really thought I'd have an opportunity to focus on the answers to questions such as "Is that really what my arse looks like?" and "Is that a real spanking?" (As many a spanking model has noted before me, the effort in special effects alone make it far more reasonable to just beat a girl than to pretend one is doing so.)

"Time for the Belt," the bit o' fun we shot Thursday night, answers all these questions. For example, if my backside is as pink as a sunburnt baby, I just might be a masochist. Looking at those hips, why, no, I am not secretly a little girl. However, yes, that really is what my arse looks like, and I am finally just loving it. All soft and glowy and curvy and womanly and apparently, quite spankable. It's taken my whole life to be comfortable with my body. Turns out, all I had to do was put it on film and know that people around the world were alright with seeing it. The exhibitionist's delight. And finally, is that a real spanking? If the belt fits, well, take it off and use it on my backside.

I think this is our best film so far, in terms of sound, lighting, and how my bottom looks. It also contains bits of comedy I hadn't noticed at the time of shooting. In the preview clip, I make a funny little goat sound at the end. What is that? I laugh every time I hear it (which has been a few times, what with editing and all). If you find yourself giggling, quite all right! I don't normally make farm animal noises, so I'm finding it quite amusing.

In the full version of the clip, you may also discover our flair for accidental absurdist theatre. As Mr. Williams chastised me for being late, he kept looking at his wrist to indicate the time. The problem is, Mr. Williams does not wear a watch. When he finally realized what he was doing, he scolded me, "I'm not even wearing a watch, that's how late we are." I'm hoping it becomes a catchphrase in the international lexicon of reasons to be spanked.


  1. Hi Abby,

    If I may weigh in... Yes, that's a real spanking and you have every reason to feel proud of your healthy, feminine body.

    Besides, it sure looks like fun!


  2. Your arse is absolutely gorgeous, Abby! And your face radiates a serene, serious, beauty. I am in love with you from afar; what a fortunate man mR Williams is (admiration, not envy).

  3. Anonymous? It was me, Jim!

  4. Tried to comment on the last post, but it must have gotten lost. Thanks for the picture of the Mason Pearson-- now I know exactly what to avoid!

    I can't imagine anyone would think those spankings aren't real! I enjoyed the written commentary, too-- it's great that these shoots have been so liberating. Keep having fun!


  5. Um. Charming. No, delicious is the right word. More more more. The masses want more!

    Yrs in pervery, Adrian

  6. Lovely clip! Ouchies!

    We need to get Mr. Williams a watch though, so you can get in yet more trouble for being late and tardy *grinz*


  7. Absolutely lovely, Abby. It's great to see what a spanking looks like while not being on the receiving end. Now I understand why tops enjoy what they do.

    Your best one yet. But then, I'm a belt woman.


  8. There are so many amazing comments on this page, I don't even know how to respond to them all, other than to say I am still having one of the best times of my life these days, and I am so so so happy that I have such a wonderful group of people to share it with and to enjoy it with me. That's not a cop-out for responding to everyone--it's completely true! I keep a special folder for all of the comments that just blow me away, and most of my comments go into that folder these days. It's mind-boggling and I'm loving it.



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