Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Spanking on the Wall

I have so much to write but not much time to do the writing! Mr. W and I recently went on a short vacation for our second anniversary. We stayed in a converted nunnery, featuring quotes from nuns on the walls. To our absolute amazement and delight, the word "spanking" was on the wall over our bed. I have a suspicion that the ghosts of nuns past may have contributed to the spanking I received during our stay - if only I'd recorded at least the audio to share with my fellow spankophiles! I think I sobbed more from a spanking with our new leather paddle (from The London Tanners, more to come on that delicious beast of an implement) than from any other punishment I've received. I've never felt more like a weepy little girl, and I cannot wait to tell you more about it. Fingers crossed that I finally find some time this week to explain it all in detail.


  1. Abby - There are no accidents.

    The ghosts of long-departed nuns wished you and Mr. W a very happy anniversary. And so do I.


  2. Tell us more about that new leather paddle...


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