Thursday, January 10, 2008

Gossip Girlicious

The girls of Gossip Girl.

If you're not in love with Gossip Girl already, you need to be. As a veteran bookseller, I cannot believe how much I've come to adore the serialized version of Cicely von Zigesar's teen novels. As an afficionado of schoolgirls and teen trash, the surprise hit of the fall season (in the states, at least) is my new obsession.

When it was first advertised, I had no idea how good the show would actually be. Then one Saturday, I caught a marathon of the first few episodes. The show, set in Manhattan's Upper East Side, is a cross between Heathers and Cruel Intentions--all the cruelty, all the sex, all the teen drama, and all the guilty pleasures associated with loving such things. And the fashion! These school uniforms are to die for.

Taylor Momsen, as Jenny, the good girl going bad.

Blake Lively as Serena, the bad girl going good.

The writing is good. Strangely good. I am addicted, even if only for lines like, "You're like one of my father's Arabian horses: rode hard and put away wet." It can get a bit silly and melodramatic at times, but why wouldn't it? It's sexy girls in cute outfits, and occasionally no outfits. Don't tell me you can't put up with a little melodrama for that.
As I watch the keyword searches that bring people to my site, I've had quite the number of people looking for little girls lately. And yes, I do tend to use the phrase "little girl" fairly often. And here I am, using it again, but ha! I'm still a grown-up. More or less. With a penchant for the trauma of underage fashionistas. So for those of you looking for actual children, please go away (not that you got this far anyhow). But for those of you, like me, who love the fantasy of the naughty schoolgirl, believe me, these girls are very naughty. And very watchable. If you need something to do this weekend besides browse spanking blogs, there are full episodes posted for free here. There's never an actual spanking, but watch a bit then close your eyes. I'm sure you'll come up with something.

This show is even the reason I've started signing comments "xoxo." I'm that compelled. I think some of you out there will be as well. Though I wonder if the CW will ask me to take this post down... My apologies if anyone has wandered on to my blog when they really shouldn't have.


  1. Cool post (as always!)

    I did see those GG book covers at Barnes and Noble, and thought, what is going on with the publishing industry, with those lurid, alluring(?) covers, such naughtyness.....I think you put it right with calling it 'teen trash."

    The again, who of us can say no to cute schoolie outfits?

    Bring back Harry Potter, and the ever spankable Hermione ;)


  2. A cross between Heathers and Cruel Intentions? I am so there!

    *asks Apollo to download the pilot for watching pleasure*

    xx Dee

  3. Ok, seriously. I need one of those outfits....

  4. Screw the CW's opinion of this post. They need a good spanking for cancelling "Veronica Mars," anyway.


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